Komedy 4 Kidz

A comedy writing & joke-telling workshop!

comedy for kidsKids love to laugh and they also love to tell jokes! Komedy 4 Kidz is the way to do it!

Through Komedy 4 Kidz™, your kidz will learn how to write and perform jokes bringing literacy, presentation skills and self-confidence to life.  During this 1-day or week-long workshop, Donna will teach your kids the art of joke writing (e.g., format, style), storytelling and stand-up. You’ll also have fun watching your child showcase their jokes that very same day!

Komedy 4 Kidz premiered at New York City’s Parks and Recreation after-school program. The program is utilized for:

  • Private & public after-school programs
  • Kids camp
  • Church programs
  • Teen groups
  • Fundraising for the children & organizations
  • Birthday parties & special events

“A merry heart is a continual feast.” Proverbs 15:15

Give your kids some fun and a chance to get silly, while improving their self-confidence. It’s a day they’ll NEVER forget!