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“Donna East is a consummate pro and a very funny person. She is a delight to work with.”

Steve AronsNew York Comedy Club

“Donna East makes me laugh right out loud! Her comedy brings forth the reality that laughter is healing medicine for the soul. It’s evident she’s committed.”

John CalhounFormer Director of Lamb’s Theatre, Times Square, NYC

“She’s one of the club’s most popular comics. Time and time again, at Stand-Up NY we recommended her comedy to callers booking comedians.”

Richard BrooksClub Manager

“Donna East made me laugh so hard, I actually peed my pants!”

June Allison

“Just thinking about Donna’s jokes kept me up all night!”

Sealy Posturepedic

“Donna made me chuckle so much, my teeth came out!”

Poly Grip

“Got Donna?”


“This year I laughed so much I cried.”

Baby New Year

“Even though I was laughing on the inside, I almost spilled my tea. We are amused.”

Queen of England

“I enjoy watching Donna every chance I get.”

God, all the way from Cloud Nine

“Donna East made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt! I have never heard a comedian that did that to me. Usually comedians leave a bad taste in my mouth; they are usually not that funny, or their jokes are disgusting or degrading. Donna East talks about everyday life and how she observes things, she will have you rolling out of your seat, begging for more… She is also a Christian!! This is one funny lady that I plan to follow throughout her career – don’t worry I’m not a stalker Donna, just in need of a “pee my pants” type of laugh now and then.
Bring the TP!”

Marcie WoodardMichigan

“As her #1 fan, I am happy to be the butt of her jokes. My Donna is the funniest, most talented, prettiest and creative granddaughter, I mean, comedienne there ever was! It’s an honor to be related.”

Maternal GrandmotherDetroit, Michigan